Tattooer. Painter. Black Sabbath Fan. Working at and Downtown Tattoo in Bremen.


New stickers and prints

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Homeward Bound


Believe in yourself


Secret Handshake


Some script


Some classic cover up action!

_DSC0554_web _DSC0563_web

Berlin Tattoo Convention



See you there! I will be sharing a booth with my friend Soe Sezuki from Japan! Come and say hi!1560685_725517830801001_1148445501_n

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil


Last wednesdays drawing night



Last wednesdays drawing night, subject was something with an eye.1379824_222709507927338_907835314_n

Fun little anchor

Todays walk in_DSC0522_web

Some new paintings

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Some new stuff from this week at Downtown Tattoo

_DSC0497-2_web angelcross_web

More new flash

Some of this stuff will be available at Hamburg Convention, come and check it out!

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One shot sleeve!

Toughest customer ever, thanks a lot!


Some new evil

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